Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner® (A-CSPO)


Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner® (A-CSPO)



Start Date: Thursday, Apr 16
End Date: Sunday, Sep 26
7:30 pm -
9:30 pm IST


Time zone: India/APAC/Europe Live Virtual Class

About The Course

Trainer Name – Volodymyr Trush

Overview: ACSPO

As a product owner you help your organization to build and maintain valuable products or services. This ensures that customers remain surprised and satisfied. Your leadership ensures that a multidisciplinary team can master the purpose, vision and the product, enabling them to work together in an organizing and value-driven manner.

With your listening and organizational skills you know what your stakeholders want and you make every brainstorming session effective. In addition, you have a set of tools that ensure that the team can experiment in a result-oriented way and make the right things for the customer. In our Advanced-CSPO training you will learn how to do this!


  • Techniques such as Lean startup, Growth hacking and Design thinking to develop value driven for the customer based on experiments and data
  • Developing a product strategy in an Agile organization
  • Roadmapping, product discovery and customer research for successful products
  • Lean product development techniques for maximizing business value
  • Your role as a Product Owner and cooperation with stakeholders
  • Scaling frameworks and collaboration with other Product Owners
  • Effectively facilitate with Liberating Structures

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