Advanced Certified Scrum Master® (A-CSM)


Advanced Certified Scrum Master® (A-CSM)


Start Date: Saturday, Nov 27
End Date: Sunday, Nov 28
11:30 am -
7:30 pm IST


After following this 2-day training you can guide the organization as an Advanced Scrum Master to an even better Scrum way of working. You are able to facilitate one or more teams and to help with continuous improvement. In any case, we pay attention to the following topics. After the Advanced Scrum Master, training you will receive a highly regarded certificate from the largest and most prominent Scrum organization in the world: Scrum Alliance.


Trainer Name – Naveen Nanjundappa


In any case, we cover the following topics:


  • Facilitate better dialogue and better cooperation as a team
  • Use Scrum & Agile for more than one team
  • Getting to Done
  • Mastering the Product Backlog
  • Removing obstacles and dealing with resistance
  • Positioning yourself within the organization
  • Increase involvement and contribute to the adoption of Agile
  • Backlog Grooming, Mapping and Scaling techniques


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