Scrum Master

Naveen Nanjundappa

Have you ever felt your work be recognised by the success of other person? And wished you could get to the position where you are considered a coach and leader. That’s what I’m.

“Well, I work with organisation and teams who struggle to accomplish everything they want to in product and people development. The clients I work with generally understand the value of agile and are ready to learn how to build self-organising teams and transform to effective ways of product development, but find it challenging to do it themselves, without hampering their releases.

“I consult these transformation-challenges of organisations on how to build teams, delegate effectively and ultimately become more productive and profitable. I’m in a unique position to help my clients as I bring in vast experience in transformation and leading it. I have acquired expertise in product and project management over years that help me coach them in building winning teams and winning products.

“My goal is to create an awesome working ecosystem, by coaching on doing right things effectively and efficiently

My expertise is in agilemetaphors, visualizing and engaging techniques that help me in conveying the message in a powerful way. Applying principles from human psychology is essential part of my coaching

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