Jona Rens

With 10+ Years of experience as an Agile Coach, Jona has helped teams in diverse domains use Agile practices and principles.

A trained Theatre professional, quickly connects with teams, with her sharp analytical view she can quickly focus on teams and companies helping them quickly achieve results.

For the past 10 years, She has coached multidisciplinary teams in the Theater as a freelance Agile coach, in short, iterative work based on feedback. Her role was to ensure that the right matters were discussed at the right times.

After having mastered her Leadership skills in a truly natural environment with cowboys in the Australian outback, She uses metaphors and real-life experiences to help bring the change to leadership at the team and organization level

Jona’s Roles over the years:
➤Agile – Change Agent
➤Public speaker
➤Coach in Theatre and event context
➤Agile / Scrum coach in enterprises or transitions

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