Dr. MK Vishwanatha Sivam

Dr. MK Vishwanatha Sivam is an Agile Transformation Specialist who specialises in Coaching, Training, SAFe Framework Implementation, and Enabling Large-Scale Transformations. He is a skilled coach, strategist, facilitator, conflict resolution expert, and team builder who is knowledgeable in Lean and Agile principles. His responsibilities include communicating organisational barriers to leadership, developing and implementing comprehensive team solutions, and having a thorough understanding of system thinking, adaptive systems, design thinking, and complex social networks. He monitors team activities, provides general and role-based training by engaging members in hands-on coaching, teaching, facilitating, conflict resolution, mentoring, and guiding through Agile discovery and learning, by continuous improvement activities with feedback and metrics to accelerate overall Agile transformation. He has extensive experience with customising Scrum, Kanban, DSDM, and XP at the team, programme, and portfolio levels. Experience Scaling Agile across the enterprise with SAFe, Nexus, and LeSS; an IT consultant with 14 years of expertise in providing consulting services to enterprises, as well as the creator of Agile coaching content and contributor to key organisational initiatives.

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