Business Agility and Internal entrepreneurship

When it comes to Agility, Agile or Scrum, you often hear the desire to bring the Business and IT together. This is of course an essential part, but Business Agility is more! Business Agility means a self-organizing way of working where teams are fully focused on a customer journey, develop and improve products based on stakeholder and user feedback and actually ‘shell their own beans’ through continuous improvement.

How do we do this? Entrepreneurial Agile teams are composed of business and IT team members who work together on an equal basis. They plan and achieve their own goals, targets and work in a rhythm on their personal growth, supported by peer feedback. This is how you create ‘small businesses’ in the organization where internal entrepreneurship predominates. So there is no longer talk of separate worlds, but we bring them together! By putting together teams with interdisciplinary people, T-shaped team members and no functions but roles, we can help you make the organization more effective and agile.

Agile of Scrum are resources that we believe will help to become faster, more effective and more agile as a team, department and organization.

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