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The Making of an Agile Leader

How do you seek to bring about a true agile business change in an organization? Here, Agile leadership will stimulate and promote the effectiveness of your organization in several ways. Being a Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leader will foster your leadership skills and enable you to connect, inspire, align, and influence your (organizational) goals in a competent way. 

Organizations and the management are showing interest in implementing agile practices on leadership and organizational levels. This interest is only growing, owing to the constant paradigm shift and higher customer demands and expectations. And this is exactly where agile values and principles come into play. Organizations are required to hire agile leaders who can develop internal flexibility, responsibility, and transparency for better results and outcomes through their agilist leadership skills. 

As per this year’s “State of Scrum” report from the Scrum Alliance, it identified the support from senior management as the crucial point of tension for a successful implementation. However, it is believed that implementing the agile tools only, will not make the most difference to bring about the desired change within the organization. What is crucial is the workplace attitude, mindset and culture that will catalyze durable agility in the workplace.

This is where the work of true leaders starts – develop agile values within him/her, embrace the agile values, deal with uncertainty, have clear vision of agile methods and approaches, someone who is creative and team-oriented, and swear by the agile principles. 

This process requires a thorough understanding and training processes to develop the agile leadership qualities within you. The Scrum alliance certified agile leadership (cal) program from Epic Agility India delves deeper into the leadership understanding for you to instill the leadership qualities requisite to become the next most successful certified agile leaders of tomorrow!

What is Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Program?

Almost every organization faces complex challenges and projects in their day-to-day activities. Any manager who fails to achieve high-level performance cannot really deal with the environment, culture, and other policies of the organization. 

In such cases, CAL course helps you become a better leader regardless of your role to bring the positive & productive change in the organization’s environment and it teaches you to 

  • To know your leadership styles
  • Connect better with your team, 
  • Inspire your team
  • Align with your team’s thoughts and influence. 

The history of CAL originated with the CAL-1 foundation course. At present, the CAL-1 course structure has been split into 3 separate courses CAL-E (Certified Agile Leadership for Essentials), CAL-T (Certified Agile Leadership for Teams), & CAL-O (Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations). As a participant, you can opt for any combination of 2 foundational courses that meets the requirements for leaders. After completion, you can opt for the more advanced CAL II program, irrespective of the order. These programs consist of advanced education, validated practice, and a peer-based workshop. While CAL1 are the basic Leadership courses, CAL II will help you apply your agile education in an organization that suits your needs.

Who can become a Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leader?

You can be an executive, first-level manager, somewhere in the middle, or influence in other ways and still become a Scrum Alliance certified agile leader. The Scrum alliance certified agile leadership (cal) program will boost your career choices and foster you to effectively help individuals in becoming better leaders, irrespective of their roles in the organization. 

Every professional has an interest in developing themselves as leaders, plus a desire to promote agile values and ways of working within their organizations. As a Certified Agile Leader, you will be able to enhance your workplaces (and their customers’ workplaces) with agile values, practices, and metrics. These courses are targeted for leaders at any level and regardless of the role including:

  • Agile team members
  • Managers
  • Organizational leaders 
  • Decision-makers
  • Executives
  • Trainers, coaches, and consultants
  • Aspiring leaders
  • Influencers

Course components of the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Program

The present course component designed by the Scrum alliance certified agile leadership (cal) program comprises of:

  • CAL Essentials (CAL-E)
  • CAL for Teams (CAL-T)
  • CAL for Organizations (CAL-O)

Epic Agility India provides consistency in curriculum and quality of the learning experience. Our certified agile leadership certification programs are facilitated by Scrum Alliance and Globally ranked leadership trainers and coaches. 

The curriculum we have developed is vetted and trusted to improve agile leadership competence and maturity in thousands of leaders across the globe.

Certified Agile Leadership – Essentials (CAL-E)

The certified agile leadership for Essentials (CAL-E) develops insight and awareness for leaders to discover new ways to think, focus, and behave. 

Leaders learn the fundamentals of agile leadership and improve their own leadership agility.

Certified Agile Leadership – Organizations (CAL-O)

The certified agile leadership for organizations (CAL-O) helps leaders align, focus, and accelerate change throughout their organizations. 

Leaders learn to identify and shape culture toward more iterative, adaptive, and sustainable practices

Certified Agile Leadership – Organizations (CAL-T)

The certified agile leadership for Teams (CAL-T) course aims to create awareness about the changing dynamics in today’s world of work and equip leaders with the practices they need to effectively lead their teams. This will facilitate you to understand how your natural dispositions as leaders might affect your team and how you will influence the workplace by empowering your teams to thrive.

To build an effective course structure, Epic Agility India has developed the curriculum in a way that is vetted and trusted. This improves agile leadership competence and maturity in thousands of leaders across the globe, in and across all organizations. 

Principles of Agile Leadership

Follow these 9 Principles of Agile Leadership to understand the ‘good leadership’ qualities and how you will extend your leadership capacity to develop a more agile mindset. 

9 principles of agile leadership

1. Communication with internal teams and stakeholders.

2. Improved thinking and decision making choices

3. Effective Feedback for team building and transparent work culture

4. Commitment towards team and organization and work with unity

5. Being adaptive, creative and thinking out of the box

6. Leadership zeal to create ab safe and inclusive environment

7. Power and Authority to set goals and ensures team priority

8. Collaboration across enterprises for productive connections

9. Ability to problem solving  

Enroll Now for registrations in our CAL Courses! 

Enroll Now for Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership Program!
Enroll Now for Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership Program!

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